don’t let the water run !

We developed babybulles products with the expertise of an eco-design agency. This support has enabled us to make the most judicious choices at the environmental level thanks to very precise impact studies that are not limited to the simple carbon impact (greenhouse gas emissions) but to seven other indicators (acidification, smog, marine eutrophication, aquatic ecotoxicity, mineral resources, fossil resources and net water consumption). We have thus been able to limit the impact of our products on the selected raw materials, production, transport… but we need you a lot on the use part !

The cleansing gel is the most telling example ! The impacts increase considerably when hot water consumption is added ! “showering or bathing” then represents between 92% and 98% of the impacts. The impacts of the product, whether in terms of formula, packaging or transport, are completely drowned by the use of hot water.

It is very important to have responsible water consumption when using the product. Here are some tips:

Baby is not dirty ! A daily bath is not necessary; two to three baths a week are enough to ensure baby’s hygiene
Use a bathtub adapted to baby’s size to limit the volume of water used
Take a shower as soon as possible to limit water consumption there too
For even more tips, you can consult the ADEME guide available at this URL address

Size Guidelines

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