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Discover why it was important for us to make all these commitments for baby and his future…

Mother of three, I have always privileged quality over quantity, the natural over the artificial. Like many of you, once I was a mom, it was sometimes difficult for me to find baby products that lived up to my expectations. The search for toiletries proved to be anxious…. Forced to juggle with lists of complex ingredients and especially accumulations of “WITHOUT” !
The idea then came to me to create a range for baby that was irreproachable and resolutely optimistic, to rediscover the pleasure and joys of the bath. And finally… when my second child was born, I decided to jump in and start this wonderful adventure of being entrepreneur.

From the beginning, it was inconceivable for me to create products without being surrounded by environmental specialists. Because baby’s well-being and future also require respect for the planet. For this, I therefore turned to ADEME and its experts for help. Then, accompanied by a laboratory specialized in organic products, we started the fastidious choice of raw materials. No compromises have been made : all our ingredients are of natural origin and are safe for your cherub. We have selected and preserved only the best for baby and the planet. After three years of research and development, testing, babybulles toiletries are born ! They are guaranteed free of denatured alcohol, essential oil, synthetic preservatives and palm oil and derivatives.

Yes, it was for me the most challenging of all my deliveries… but I wouldn’t exchange this moment for anything in the world !

Marie de Courcelles, founder
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When Marie de Courcelles, a committed mother and fan of her baby, set out in search of the perfect skincare product, she struggled to find the ideal formula. Not to mention the fact that looking after her baby's well-being also means doing everything possible to leave him the most beautiful planet. With these convictions in mind, she spent three years creating a line of organic and eco-friendly skincare products. Its name: Babybulles. Its power: to take care of baby without fearing for its health or that of the Earth where it was born.

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