offer to baby a sustainable future !

We have adopted an eco-design approach from the very beginning of product development. All our design choices have been evaluated and validated by experts to minimize our impact on the planet. And this for the complete life cycle of our products : raw materials, production, distribution, use, end of life.

committed formulations

0% palm oil and derivates

The cosmetics industry consumes 19%1 of the world palm oil production. Intensive oil palm cultivation, particularly in Indonesia and Malaysia, is causing the destruction of primary forests, those that have not been transformed by humans. This massive deforestation has very serious repercussions on biodiversity and also on local ecosystems. Not wanting to be part of this global disaster, we have decided not to include any ingredients from palm oil in our formulations.

1 source WWF 2018

no pollutant substances

We have decided to exclude all ingredients whose manufacturing process is pollution, such as sulphates*, ampho-acetates*… * however authorized in the COSMOS certification policy

local supply

Our French regions are full of treasures. We did not go looking for the miracle ingredient from a faraway place ! The majority of our active ingredients come from France. 75% of our active ingredients come from French sources.

co-product use

Plum kernel oil, apricot kernel oil, mango kernel butter and apple water are all products whose manufacture is combined with the production of other products.

optimized packaging

minimalist packaging

no overpack box for the bottle
one small overpack solution for the set of 3 products

100% recyclable HDPE bottle

Opaque HDPE does not disrupt recycling processes, unlike some plastics. It is also lighter. We have studied the possibility of a plant-based HDPE, but this option presents higher environmental (pollution transfer) and social risks. * Unfortunately, the pumps are not recyclable.

optimized shipping material

shipping material adjusted to the size of the products
made of 70% recycled and 100% recyclable paper

Help us to minimize our products’ impact by following the tips listed on the product pages.

Size Guidelines

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