the right dose

As part of our eco-design approach, we have made cross-cutting commitments.

At a time of abundance and over-consumption, we have taken care to select pumps that deliver only the right amount of product. This way, you will only use the right amount of product to take care of your baby and will adapt the dosage to your real daily needs; this avoids any form of waste.

In the same way, we have adjusted our formulas to this dose. The formula of our cleansing gel is not too liquid to offer you a maximum of care and avoid waste ! Especially when it’s baby who’s using it !

The power of our pumps also allows the restitution of the quasi-totality of the product contained in the bottles. We have done many emptying tests in order to avoid any waste. The least satisfactory result remains that of our moisturizing milk on toast whose more viscous texture sometimes makes it stick to the walls. So at the end of use, do not hesitate to unscrew the pump if necessary !

Every little detail counts!

Size Guidelines

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