uses washable disks !

We developed babybulles products with the expertise of an eco-design agency. This support has enabled us to make the most judicious choices at the environmental level thanks to very precise impact studies that are not limited to the simple carbon impact (greenhouse gas emissions) but to seven other indicators (acidification, smog, marine eutrophication, aquatic ecotoxicity, mineral resources, fossil resources and net water consumption). We have thus been able to limit the impact of our products on the selected raw materials, production, transport… but we need you a lot on the use part !

When the product requires a consumable such as cotton for cleaning, the use stage represents the majority of the environmental impacts. This is directly related to taking into account the manufacture of cottons in our studies! All our efforts are falling through! And for good reason, cotton growing is one of the most water- and pesticide-intensive crops on the planet, so it is imperative to ban single-use cotton from our bathrooms and to equip ourselves with washable discs.

To encourage you to change, we include in each order placed on our website a washable disc made from organic cotton (45%) and hemp (55%) – a more environmentally friendly culture.

This disk can be used with our product we cleanse but also with any other product in your bathroom !

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