why ban palm oil from our formulas ?

Did you know that ? The cosmetics industry consumes 19%1 of the world palm oil production. Intensive oil palm cultivation, particularly in Indonesia and Malaysia, is causing the destruction of primary forests, those that have not been transformed by humans. This massive deforestation has very serious repercussions on biodiversity and also on local ecosystems.
Not wanting to contribute to this global disease, we have chosen not to use palm oil ingredients in our formulas. And it was not an easy task !

Indeed, palm oil remains a very competitive oil in terms of price for raw material manufacturers. It is also an oil with interesting chemical properties. You will therefore almost never find it in its natural state – INCI: Elaeis Guineensis Oil – but in transformed form. Its derivatives, although they do not represent any health risk, are hidden absolutely everywhere in our cosmetics: in shower gels, shampoos (foaming agents), make-up removers (cleaning agents), creams (emulsifiers)…

By using babybulles, you can be sure that no raw materials are involved in massive deforestation of the tropical forest.

1 source WWF 2018

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