why favour co-products ?

During the development of our formulas, we chose to favor the use of co-products. This choice has allowed us to significantly reduce our environmental impact without reducing the quality and performance of our formulas!

Indeed, the production of main products generates secondary materials, called co-products, residues, waste depending on their regulatory status or the vocabulary used by the industry*.
Some of these secondary materials have identified uses that can generate economic, environmental and social gains (additional remuneration for agricultural sectors, reduced pressure on resources, etc.).

You will find in all our products apple water from organic farming. This water comes from the production of dehydrated apples. Thanks to a non-energetic and non-aggressive process, the cellular water of the fruit is extracted at a gentle temperature, taking with it the virtues of the apple and its components. This process allows a much better return than the distillation process used for the manufacture of hydrolats or other floral water which requires a significant amount of raw material.
In our moisturizing body & face milk, the virgin oils of plum and apricot as well as the butter of mango are also co-products resulting from the Organic farming.
The plum oil is derived from the kernel of the Ente plum, a variety grown for the production of Agen prunes.
Apricot oil and mango butter are made from pits considered as waste from a production dedicated to the consumption of the “fruit”.
The oils and butter are then extracted from the kernels using cold mechanical processes and do not undergo any subsequent chemical treatment.

Our choice of raw materials, sourcing, and manufacturing process allow us to offer you formulas whose environmental impact has been greatly limited.

  • ADEME source

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